How to Make him Want You Back?

There are things that you need to consider before thinking about how to make him want you back. You should avoid getting together if he cheats on you, lies to you (and you have proof), disrespects you, abuse you. If you are not gone sideways because of these reasons then there is a chance that things can work out between you two.

If you are determined to have him back then first thing first, you need to avoid losing your dignity and have him back with honor. To get him back without losing your respect you can do a multiple ways.

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How to Make him Want You Back

Things that can help in making him want you back

Following are the things that you need to consider if you want him back without losing your dignity and respect.

Cut all Communication

Men needs time to think about what they are losing. Communication with them is not the best option if you are taking time to think. You need to cut off communication of any sort in order to give him time to think about the time spent with you.

Thinking About the Faults

During this time when you are not communication, you can think about the faults that lead to this condition. By pinpointing the faults you can work with them and you can think ways to tackle with them.


This can be based on how you end the things. You need to apologize in person to give him the impression that you are moving on. This can give him the impression that you have changed and you are willing to have change in you.

Doing Things that you like

In the time, when he is thinking you do not need to think about him “I know It can be Difficult”. You can enjoy your spa time or doing other things that intrigues you the most.


Whenever, you encounter him and make sure that you do encounter him. When you encounter him, you need to give him mixed impressions that you are happy but in the same time you like his habits of doing “you know the best”.

Men become obsessed when they see that they no longer have control over you.

Make Him Jealous

This is the oldest method in the book but you have to do it wisely. You can post pictures on the social media to burn up the male instinct in your man. He will surely ask you and you don’t have to reply him.

Give his stuff back

When you give him, his stuff he will think about the past spend with you. This will ignite his inner instinct and he will want to get back to you.

Develop New Hobby

You can develop new hobby to tell him that you are better off without him. But, when he encounter you try not to hand yourself over to him. You can do it by gradually.

Talk to his friends

He will also ask his friends about you. So, try to give that information which you need to provide them.

Takes Things slowly

If he shows interest of getting back then you can also him to take things slowly as they did in the past. In this way you can start the things from the beginning but this time take things differently.