How to finance a real estate investment?

There are different ways to finance a real estate investment. You may not be sure you have enough income to buy properties. Don’t worry, you are not the first person to ask the same question.

We will review different ways to obtain financing for investment in real estate:

1. Bank credits

This is one of the traditional ways of financing real estate. It is also the path that many early-stage investors take. Accessing a bank loan, through the steps that must be followed, also allows you to see what banks look at when approving a loan.

The first thing is to get pre-approved by the bank. Then, he will make an evaluation of the property and, if it is approved, it will go to the signing of the sale contract.


Down Payment:

Most banks will require a down payment of around 20% of the property price, as one of the basic requirements. If you have the possibility of putting more than 20%, then you can get a lower mortgage, with a lower monthly payment as well. In exceptional cases, you can opt for credits that allow you to put less money in advance.

Credit score:

The bank considers your credit score, before giving you a mortgage. A minimum score is required, which if exceeded entitles you to lower interest rates.

Debt / Income Ratio:

To increase your chances of getting your credit approved, you must have a good debt / income ratio. This point is essential, when deciding whether to approve the loan.

2. Private lenders

This is an excellent alternative; in case you don’t have the money for a down payment. It will also be, in case you do not meet any other bank requirement.

These loans are granted by individuals and companies, interested in financing investments and obtaining a return on this.

Now it is very likely that these types of loans have higher interest than those of a bank. On the other hand, working with a private lender is faster, as you do not have to go through all the paperwork involved in bank credit.

3. Association

Getting partners in the real estate sector can also help if you need to raise the money. It is a creative way to acquire Tajarat properties. You must make sure to structure the association so that everyone contributes, with money, with skills or knowledge.

With the association, you can more easily access loans, financing, or even have partners who have the financial means without you having to contribute a lot of money.

Care must be taken so that the objectives, functions and benefits of investments are properly discussed and agreed upon. In this way, you avoid problems between partners. It is always recommended to put something in writing.

4. Owner financing

This is an interesting and little-used way. It is that the owner of the property you want to buy finances the purchase of the property. This way, you will make a monthly payment to him, instead of a bank.

This form of financing is subject to conditions, such as the fact that the seller must already own the home. This means that there are no mortgages involved, no prohibitions of any kind.

Therefore, under the right conditions, it is a great way to escape the stress of getting a bank loan.

5. Asset-based mortgage

This serves as an alternative method of financing investments, with respect to traditional bank loans, and is very flexible.

If you don’t have a stable income, this may be the right financing option for you. Personal income is not considered here, but the rental income that the property will produce.

6. Financing from family and friends

Many people started in the world of real estate, contacting their family or friends to finance their first and even second investment.

Doing business with friends or family is a sensitive issue, so you have to be very careful about it.

Advantages of investing in real estate

Constant income

Investing in real estate, particularly rental properties, is one of the safest routes to generating constant passive income. This is one of the reasons why this type of investment is booming.

Regardless of what economic conditions we find ourselves in, people will continue to need a place to live and companies to carry out their activities.

Real estate turns out to be a strategic investment for those who want to generate constant income. The good thing is that you can do this part time. It is not necessary that you put aside your work, nor the development of your career.

The value of your investment will always appreciate over time.

This is the only type of investment that does not lose value over time. The more time that passes, the more the value of your property will increase.

This is not to say that there are no bad times in the real estate market. However, it has been seen that those who hold onto their investments during these periods receive good returns once the market stabilizes.

The use of leverage, to achieve higher returns.

The use of leverage for the purchase of properties, with good returns at the rental level, is one way to achieve higher investment returns.

There is a lot to learn about real estate, so advice is always recommended. Among them, we can highlight property brokers, lawyers, property managers, etc. They can make the investment process less stressful, as well as help you make better decisions.

You can also make use of the REIT, where you can have high quality properties. The grace of this is that you will not have to control or manage these assets. On the contrary, you will be sure that they are under the control of professionals.

The perfect route to portfolio diversification

The diversification of the investment portfolio will allow you to reduce the level of risk. Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Asset and value allocation helps ensure that a portion of your portfolio works well every time. Adding a real estate investment will neutralize the volatility of other high-risk assets. This, while reducing your level of risk, will give you more stable returns.

Fiscal benefits

When reporting income earned from real estate investment terms, you are entitled to various tax deductions. Examples of this are: repairs, maintenance, cash flow from investment properties, insurance and depreciation, mortgage interest, etc. These are deducted from your gross rental income, which reduces the total to be paid to the treasury.

Protection against inflation and market volatility

The real estate market is known to be more stable than the stock market as it lacks the daily changes in stocks.

Also, being a long-term investment, real estate acts as a hedge against inflation. This is because property values ​​increase over the years, at a rate equal to that of inflation.

The above helps you maintain your standard of living, as well as serves as a good platform to invest your retirement savings.

Starting to invest in real estate.

Investing in real estate can be very rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to work for yourself and earn money independently and constantly. Real estate is a great way to safeguard the future and enjoy a more stress-free life.

A real estate investment consists of owning, buying, managing, leasing or selling real estate for profit. The purpose is that they generate more income for you in the future.

The important thing is that the profit generated by your investment is sufficient to cover the risk assumed. This includes taxes, and costs associated with maintaining the property, among others.

  Investing in Smart City lahore to rent is a good way to generate stable income. Now, although the benefits are obvious, it is only suitable for someone who wants to expand their investment horizon.

It is essential to have as much information as possible, as well as professional advice first of all. It is recommended to have a connection with people in the mortgage area, property brokers, lawyers, etc.

This type of investment is a good way to diversify your portfolio. By doing this, you spread the risks. This is exactly what the experts advise.

Different types of real estate investments

One of the key factors when making decisions is the location of the property. You must find out which sectors are safe, what amenities they have, and take into account what people are looking for.

Another important factor is that there are different types of real estate investments. For this, it is necessary to evaluate the different options. Each of them has its own benefits and difficulties.


We are talking about properties where people live. They include residential houses, apartments, vacation homes, condos, etc. In this type of property, the tenant pays a monthly rent.

Generally, the contract period is twelve months. We can find both single-family and multi-family properties (several units in one building). The latter allow you to receive more rental income.


Office buildings and skyscrapers. They are built for commercial purposes, not to be used as housing. They are leased to companies and small business owners, who will use them for the aforementioned purposes. Your income will also be the income of these organizations. In this case, the rental periods can be up to years.

They deliver greater cash flow stability. The qualification, unlike residential property, will depend on the business characteristics of the interested party. They are less in demand, compared to residential, and are often riskier as well.


Industrial warehouses, storage buildings and distribution centres. They are built or acquired to be leased to companies. They are used for manufacturing, production, research and development, storage, and distribution.

They are a critical component of the global supply chain. They may not match the amount of demand that residential and commercial properties generate, but they deliver great benefits. For companies that make use of this type of property, location is one of the most important aspects.


They include retail store facilities such as shopping malls, strip centres, lifestyle centres, power centres, convenience centres, etc. They are built in order to sell goods and services to the final consumer. They are used for commercial activities and tenants pay a monthly rent.


It involves the combination, of two or more of the other types of real estate, in the same project. Within the same building, you can find both residential and commercial units.

It is a form of built-in diversification. Here you will have the opportunity to diversify, within the different properties that interest you. If it is well structured, you will have the possibility of generating massive income.


In this type of investment, you will not have to take care of the properties yourself. You make your investment through REIT companies, by buying shares in a corporation. It owns real estate and distributes your income as dividends.

It does not offer a guarantee of profit or insurance against loss. However, you can enjoy the potential benefits of ownership, without having to identify, acquire, or manage those REIT company assets. There are impressive returns, adjusted for risk, and a stable cash flow. You can also choose to participate in a niche of your interest.