How to get a Visit Visa for Morocco


Moroccan visa

Many countries do not need access to Morocco to visit Casablanca, Marrakech or Tangier. To travel to Morocco without having a visa there are following visa exempted countries and they can stay there up to 90 days:

  • Argentina, Algeria, Andorra, Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Canada, Iceland, Hong Kong, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait.
  • Malaysia, Macau, Monaco, Mexico, Niger, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Oman Philippines, Russia, Senegal, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, United States, United Arab Emirates.

Exceptionally there are 2 countries which can only stay up to 30 days and they are Singapore and Hong Kong.

Diplomatic passport holder:

The diplomatic passport holder can also stay up to 90 days Without a visa

These countries are:

  • Austria, Benin, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Colombia, Cyprus, China, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Greece, India, Hungary, Italy, India, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg.
  • Montenegro, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Oman, Peru, Portugal, Poland, Rwanda, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Gambia, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Yemen, United Arab Emirates.

Online visa

Only a few countries are eligible to obtain an online visa for Morocco.

  • Guinea
  • Mali

You can get an online visa through electronic authorization, after the process is complete, you have to print it at the entry point.


If you are traveling without a visa, you have to follow these simple steps:

Your Passport must have at least 1 blank page for the visa entry stamp, and your Passport must be valid for at least another 6 months

A return ticket of within 99 days

Types of Moroccan visa

There are 3 types of Moroccan visa

  1. Moroccan tourist visa
  2. Moroccan transit visa
  3. Long term Moroccan visa

Moroccan transit visa

A Moroccan tourist visa is also known as short term visa for the one who wants to travel and can also apply for another short-term visa like

  • Business
  • Any personal meeting
  • Sports events
  • For medical treatment
  • For attending any meeting

This short-term visa can be issued for single and multiples entries allowing a maximum of 90 days of stays

Morocco transit visa

Morocco visa can be issued if you have to transit through the country on your way to 3rd country.

Or you need Moroccan access typically; this visa is only given for 2 or two transit allowing a maximum stay of 72 hours in Morocco.

Morocco long term visa

It is issued for the one who wants to enter Morocco for long term purposes like going go family members or any work which requires a long time

It is also legally valid for just three months, like a tourist visa. However, this form of visa requires the holder to apply to the competent service of the Moroccan general directorate of National security for a residency card (carte de Sejour). If you enter with a Morocco Tourist visa, you cannot qualify for citizenship.

The long-term visa for Morocco is divided into many sub-types, such as

Morocco work visa is issued  to foreigners who are in search of a job(needed work permit also)

Morocco student visa is for the one who wants to study in Morocco education institute

Morocco family reunification visa is for those who want to come and live with their family who is already the residence of Morocco country

Requirements for Morocco visa

  • The visa application
  • Passport and its photocopies
  • Return flight ticket soft copy or hardcopy
  • Passport size picture
  • Financial statement proof
  • Proofs of accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Paid proof of Morocco visa

For business travel

if you are traveling for business, you need

  • A letter from the company which invited you
  • A recommendation from a suitable ministry for public Business

If you are going to attend a meeting

  • The organizer of the event should send you a letter
  • The order of mission if you are a governmental worker

if you are traveling for work as a journalist

  • Permission of governmental authority in charge of communication
  • Approval from the ministry of foreign and international relations for filming in Morocco
  • A list of filming tools or equipment You carry with you

traveling for cultural or sports events

  • Department organizing the event should send you a letter
  • Invitation from the relevant ministry if it is a private event

For medical treatment

  • U need your medical certificate
  • Financial statement which shows you can afford the hospital cost
  • Morocco hospital admission form

For all long-term visa’s

  • Proof of accommodation like student hostel or any housing agreement
  • Criminal record obtained in your country of residence from the police authorities.
  • A medical certificate is needed, which proves you are Healthy and fit.

Student visa

  • Proof of admission to an institute.
  • Proof of paying tuition fees.
  • Proof of financial capital during the study period.
  • Letter from a guarantee living in Morocco, promising that your housing and financial costs will be covered and if necessary, your repatriation costs will be covered

For Morocco family visa

  • Proof about your relationships such as marriage certificate for partner or birth certificate of children or parents etc.

Visa application

  1. u can also obtain the application online from the website, or you can get it in the embassy in person

The question in the application are almost 30 or less such as

  1. Name, age, or sex
  2. Nationality and accommodation
  3. Information of Passport
  4. Your travels details
  5. Contact information


U need a valid passport for applying for a visa, and it must be Valid For at least Another 6 months And have at least 2 pages for the stamp.

Size of passport picture

You need 4 pictures

Size should be 34mm x 45mm

Blue or light grey background

Neutral face Expression

Glassed not allowed

Headgear is not allowed except for religious purposes.

Must b hight quality picture means no blurriness and no editing.

Must be printed with good quality photo paper.

Return flight tickets.

U must have a return flight ticket to prove to the visa-issuing authorities that you have the intention to go back.

Proof of accommodation

Any hotel reservation or any other tourist accommodation

Proof of financial statement

You need a strong financial statement to cover your expenses during your stay.

Proof of paid Moroccan visa fees

U need a paid proof of fee, you can pay at the embassy, or you Transfer through a bank

How to apply for a Moroccan visa

Following are the steps

  • Appointment
  • Visa application
  • Complete Documents
  • Submit at the embassy or consulate
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Wait for a visa to b processed
  • Get the visa


You can make an appointment through Phone call Or online.

Application form

You must give the filled application form to the embassy, and if there is any information missing, the application will not be submitted.

Gather all the documents

You must Submit other documents also which link to the visa processing along with your application

Submit the application

After you gathered all the documents, you have to submit the form To the embassy

Pay the fee

You have to pay after you submitted the form

Morocco visa fee is as follows

  • DH220 (appx. $23)for single entry
  • DH330 (appx. $34)
  • Transit visa: DH170 (appx. $18)

Wait for the visa processing

The visa processing time is about 2 weeks 10 business days; in some cases, it can take longer

Receive the visa

They will issue a visa and will affix a sticker with your Passport After your application is approved.